Custom Backgrounds on Dialer Video for Desktop

Now on your video calls, you have the option to change or blur your background. To see how the feature works follow the steps below.

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How to Access Custom Backgrounds on your Computer

How to Remove or Change your Custom Background

How to Upload a Custom Background

Deleting and Replacing an Uploaded Custom Background 



How to Access Custom Backgrounds from your Computer

1) Start a Dialer video call on your computer, click HERE.

2) Click on the 'Sidebar' icon to open the settings menu.


3) A sidebar will open with a preview of your background. 


4) Choose your desired background option:
      Option #1: Blur your background

      Option #2: Choose one of the pre-populated backgrounds                                                            

      Option #3 Upload an image for a custom background

5) Once you've selected your background, click the ‘X’ button on the top right to close the background side panel.


6) That's it! Your patients will now see the custom background you chose.


How to Remove or Change your Custom Background

1) If you are using custom backgrounds on your computer, click on the 'Sidebar' icon to reopen the sidebar.

Doximity Dialer Video (4).png

2) The background style you are currently using will be selected and highlighted in blue

3) Click on the background feature you'd like to use (blur, pre-populated image, or custom background image (desktop only).

4) If you do not want a custom background, click ‘None’.


How to Upload a Custom Background

1) Open the virtual background side panel.

2) Click on the (+) icon to open the upload window.


3) Select your desired image and click 'Open'.

4) Your uploaded custom background will be present and highlighted on the side panel.

5) Click the ‘X’ button on the top right of the side panel to return to the full call screen.


Deleting and Replacing an Uploaded Custom Background

1) Open the side panel.

2) Hover over the uploaded custom background and click 'X' on the upper right. This will delete the uploaded custom background.


3) Once the uploaded custom background is removed, the option to upload a custom background is restored and you'll see the (+) icon again. To upload another custom background, follow the steps in the section: How to upload a custom background



1) Why is this feature not showing up on my desktop video call?

Currently, this feature is available on newer versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Update your browser or access Doximity on the aforementioned browsers to ensure you can utilize this feature. Here is how to check your version of Google Chrome and how to update it.

2) Will my custom background be saved or will I have to upload it after each call? 

Your last background will be saved after your first selection. However, if you go to a new browser, computer, or clear your history, it may not be saved.

3) Are custom backgrounds available on mobile devices?

Yes, custom backgrounds are available on iOS and Android devices in the Doximity App. 

4) How can I ensure the custom backgrounds work the best?

There are a few ways you can ensure optimal performance when utilizing custom backgrounds by having:
           1. A strong network connection
           2. Browser that supports WebGL2 
           3. Your actual background matches the color scheme in your desired custom background. (i.e. in a light-filled room or background, choose a light custom background to ensure the best results).

Note: Running too many programs at once or screen sharing may make the call slower.

5) I'm not seeing custom backgrounds on the latest version of Chrome, what should I do?

This may be because you have WebGL2 turned off on your device. WebGL2 is required to enable Virtual Backgrounds. Please speak to your I.T. office about this. More information can be found here.


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