How to join a Dialer Video call on the Web (Clinician)

With a small extra step you can join a call from your web browser. The instructions are slightly different for patients.

Clinicians using Dialer Video 

1. Send video call invite 
2. If you stay on the call, follow the steps below. If you hangup, go to Step 3.

  • Tap + to open the share screen and then share the link with yourself (we recommend via email).
  • Open your email on your computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser. (Make sure you're logged into Doximity first). 
  • Proceed to Step 4

3. If you exit, you’ll receive a text from a 415 number when your patient has joined the video call. The SMS will contain the video call link. Copy that URL into a web browser & click ‘enter’. (Make sure you're logged into Doximity first)

4. Click ‘Join Video Call’ 
Note: You can only be connected to the video call from one device. This will disconnect you from the video call on your mobile device. 

PDF instructions: here




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