Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What browser do I need to accept a Dialer Video call?

Dialer Video calls are done without downloading a special app and work with the Web Browser on your Smartphone or computer. Here are supported browsers.


I am having trouble connecting to a video call. Any ideas?

Make sure you have a strong Internet connection; video calls can be joined using wifi or cellular data. Still having issues? Check out our tips for good call quality.


Can I participate on the video call on my computer?

Dialer Video relies on text message to initiate a conversation. However, with an additional step you can join on your computer. Here's how


I am not able to video call because my audio and camera aren’t working, how do I fix this?

In order to join a video call you must enable your camera and microphone. Here's how


Why does it try to launch Doximity when I click on the link texted to me? 

As a patient you do NOT need the Doximity application on your phone to use Dialer Video. Please delete it. We understand that doctors can be patients too (and that often you want to do a test drive on your phone "as a patient") but at this time the Doximity app cannot be on your phone if you are connecting to the video call as the recipient of a text invite. 


NOTE:   Using the Doximity Dialer Video feature will use your standard cellular data.


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