Browser Requirements for Dialer Video - For Patients

As a patient joining a Dialer Video call, you do not need to download an app or sign into anything. Your Dialer Video call will take place in the web browser on your smartphone or computer. Supported browsers include:


  • iOS Mobile Device: Safari (only iOS 15 & up are supported)
  • Android Mobile Device: Google Chrome, FireFox (Android OS 7.1 or higher are supported)

NOTE: iOS 15 may not be supported in the near future.
We cannot provide a cut-off date at this time.

Please also note, if you are using an iPhone 6, some features have known issues due to the age and chipset of these devices being obsolete.


  • MacOS Desktop: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge (Chromium)
  • Windows Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Edge (Chromium)

Click HERE for instructions on how to join a Dialer video call from your desktop computer.

We recommend keeping your browser updated to the most recent version available. We thoroughly test Dialer Video on the most recent two versions of each major browser listed above. Older versions may have limited functionality.

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