Dialer Enterprise FAQ

Isn’t Dialer free?

Dialer was free for all healthcare professionals through 2020; it was our small part to help out in the pandemic. Our usage spiked and, unfortunately, so did our phone bills – to millions per month. To defray expenses and ensure HIPAA/BAA coverage, our free period ended in 2021.


So what does it cost?

We charge a nominal flat fee per hospital that is based on bed count. Individual plans are also available for $20/user/month.


Are other hospitals using Dialer Enterprise?

Yes. We count 20 of the top 20 health systems among our customers.

Over 150 hospitals have vetted our HIPAA security and signed contracts.


Is there a business case?

We keep your staff’s cell number private while working remotely. Late-night patient callbacks will go to your reception, not your bedroom.

In addition, we save “virtual no-shows” by letting the doctor simply call the patient to initiate a video visit. The Journal of the American College of Surgeons compared us to Epic, Zoom, and others and found Doximity “the easiest way to connect with patients”.


We use Cisco/AmWell/Zoom already, do we have to choose you or them?

Absolutely not. For mission-critical work like treating patients, we believe in a layered approach—ie, multiple systems to accommodate the varied technologies patients have.


Do you integrate with EHRs?

Yes. We’ve been in Epic’s Haiku app since 2017 (just go to: Haiku>Settings>Place Calls Using>Doximity to make us your default). We also have an integration available for our hospital clients with Epic Hyperspace.

For other EHR mobile apps, a long press on the phone number works.


What about training and user admin?

Each hospital client gets an account manager to provide usage reports, training, and support. A list of NPIs is all we need to go live. Most doctors already know how to use our app.


What kind of testing do you perform on your applications?

We extensively test our mobile and web applications. Every feature is tested prior to incorporating it into a release candidate. Our mobile apps are tested with automated tools that check hundreds of user flows and notify of breaking changes on release candidates. Additionally, all features are checked once deployed to production environments. This ensures high-quality applications and user experiences across our platforms.


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