Dialer Video Patient Experience

Dialer Video is the simplest, secure telemedicine solution available. Your patients do not have to download software or sign in to a separate site. However, telehealth can be tricky. Here are our top tips to help you connect with patients without becoming IT support. 

  • Call your patient via Dialer before your call. This helps set the stage. Explain that they will receive a text when you start your Dialer Video Call. It also confirms that the time you planned to talk still works. You may also direct them to our Patient Resources
  • Good Internet Connection. While on the call, both you and the patient will need strong wifi or cell service.
  • Enabling their microphone & camera. In order to join your video call, every patient must enable their camera and microphone on their Smartphone device or computer. This happens during their first Dialer Video call. To send your patient instructions on how to enable their camera and microphone, click HERE.
  • Joining via Desktop. We have a desktop version of Dialer Video for clinicians you can access it by going to doximity.com/dialer/home. If your patients want to join via desktop, they can do so by following these steps.                              
  • Review Patient FAQ. Click HERE to see the questions we hear most often from patients. 


NOTE:   Using the Doximity Dialer Video feature will use your standard cellular data.

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