Interpreter Service Providers

Doximity Dialer works with the majority of interpreter service providers. Learn how to add an interpreter to a mobile video call, desktop video call, or voice call.

When possible, we recommend using Dialer with interpreter service providers that leverage a voice-controlled menu. For those interpreter service providers that require dialing a code or extension, most recognize Dialer’s dial pad (not available on mobile video calls) and work seamlessly. However, there are a small number of service providers that do not allow Dialer’s dial pad to navigate their menus. In this case, we recommend contacting your service provider to request a voice-controlled menu.

The list below is not an exhaustive list, but rather the most used interpreter service providers used across our network.

Supported Interpreter Service Providers

  • AMN
  • CyraCom
  • LanguageLine
  • Pacific Interpreters
  • Stratus

Interpreter Service Providers Requiring Voice Prompt Set-Up

  • Martii
  • Voyce

Did you know Dialer Enterprise clients can add an interpreter number for all providers within your organization? Ask your Client Success Manager or email for more information.

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